Thursday, September 17, 2015

Review Charcoal Bamboo All In One Cloth Diaper with, My favorite AIO diaper, hands down!

The several days before. I'm looking for information on the Charcoal Bamboo All In One Cloth Diaper with Pocket (Owl), so i would like to describe here.

I am totally obsessed with bamboo charcoal to Ecoable all in one diapers! I started using bamboo bags of charcoal into a cover thirsties (and still do) and I quickly realized that the bamboo charcoal was perfect for my boyfriend wetting to prevent heavy losses, keeping the skin dry and be easy to clean. the problem was that my husband and tata really weren't quite coming down as the cover snaps over the liner with a wiggling children. I decided to give the Ecoable bamboo diapers all in one try and they are fantastic! They fit so nice, stay dry and now my Nanny and her husband can easily snap them up! I just used the extra pocket once, I put a Microfiber duplicator thirsties in, it was so easy to slip and provided extra protection. After the purchase of 2 to try them, I invested in a dozen and will buy more. I'm surprised that I prefer them to Smart Bottoms and Bummi AIO, but I do!

Charcoal Bamboo All In One Cloth Diaper

Color:Owl The ecoAble charcoal bamboo All in one Cloth Diapers with a pocket opening for cloth diaper inserts. All in one Cloth Diapers Features: Stay-dry charcoal bamboo fleece inner lining - wicks moisture away and keeps baby's skin dry and comfortable. Absorbent sewn-in soaker - no cloth diaper inserts are needed, just snap on the baby and go! 3x3 adjustable snaps hip snaps .... Read more or Check Price

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